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= = = = = = = ===Features==- easy to use- navigable by categories- crossword database- crossword for solving with hints, without, with hints, without only one question- single person mode, limited to one child- shared crossword with others- ask your friends to solve your crossword by providing their emails- send the crossword to friends by pressing "send"- multiple crosswords in single file (each of them can have a different difficulty level)- save the crossword for future==Crosswords==The crosswords in the database can be obtained by solving the puzzle files in the database.More than 17.000 puzzles are available in the database, to choose from or add your own.=Solve a puzzle with hints==In this section you can choose to solve a puzzle in one of the following ways:- without any hints- with hints- only in the final phase of the puzzle (hints are for memory)- in the first phase of the puzzle=Save and Share your crossword==If you solved the puzzle, you can press "save" and then "share" to save your crossword in the database of Across Lite.=Crossword crosswords crossword crossword crossword...==The crossword for solving in a file can have the following names:1. sample.puz 2. sample_hint.puz 3. sample_confidential.puz=Share crossword to friends==If you have solved the puzzle, you can press "share" and then email your friends, one by one, with the name of the puzzle, until you specify the number of users who want to solve it.=Crossword score==After solving the puzzle you can press the score button to see the score.=Crossword Games crossword game crossword game crossword game...==To play crossword games, just click a crossword game in the "Crosswords" section and then press the "Start game" button.=Create a Multi-player crossword==When a crossword game is started, each user receives a number. To start a multi-player crossword, just type the number of players and then click "Start".=More Info about crossword==To see more info on Crossword 08929e5ed8

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